DCAA Branch Office (6151)
171 Elden Street, Suite 315
Herndon, VA 22070
ATTN: Ann Marie Olin
(703) 735-3467
(703) 735-8231 Fax
DCMA - Virginia
10500 Battleview Parkway, Suite 200
Manassas, VA 20109-2342
ATTN: Dianitza Washington, ACO
(703) 530-3205
(703) 530-3602 Fax Dianitza.Washington@dcma.mil 
DFAS- Columbus Center South
Entitlement Operations
P.O. Box 182264
Columbus, OH 43218-2264
ATTN: Mary Ellen Duffy
(800) 756-4571, ext. 12
(614) 693-7872 Fax dfas_columbus@dfas.mil

Contract Administration

MANDEX employs a proven approach to task management that ensures timely delivery of quality products. Although this is a formal process for task order development and execution, MANDEX has, and will continue to respond to emergent situations with turnaround approval of task orders in less than 24 hours. Our PM has the authority to react to these emergent situations and direct access to key decision makers in order for MANDEX to provide this type of timely response. The following are the four basic steps that MANDEX uses for each task.