Systems Engineering Services

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary approach encompassing the entire technical effort to evolve and verify an integrated and total life-cycle balanced set of system, people, and process solutions that satisfy customer needs. Systems engineering is the integrating mechanism across the technical efforts related to the development, manufacturing, verification, deployment, operations, support, disposal of, and user training for systems and their life cycle processes. Systems engineering develops technical information to support the program management decision-making process. For example, systems engineers manage and control the definition and management of the system configuration and the translation of the system definition into work breakdown structures."


MANDEX engineers understand systems engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering focusing on how complex engineering projects should be designed, interoperability of systems of systems and managed over their life cycles. MANDEX systems engineering signifies both an approach and a discipline in engineering to simply formalize the engineering process.

MANDEX Systems Engineers perform all aspects of engineering and analysis in support of systems development, documenting requirements, design, testing, and system validation, while considering the complete problem, the system lifecycle. MANDEX Systems Engineers have performed detailed functional allocation of requirements and system specification analysis to ensure requirements are met, properly documented, and formally tested for program success.

MANDEX engineering managers and systems engineers are recognized for their work in requirements development, system and subsystem specifications, technical design, system development, system integration and interoperability, testing, and technology insertion activities. MANDEX Systems Engineers are recognized experts in all facets of systems engineering including Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) products and enterprise architectures. Our systems engineers have developed and implemented requirements of such handbooks and guidance Systems Engineering Fundamentals, Master Plan for Systems Engineering, Systems Engineering Guide for Systems of Systems, the Shore Installation Process Handbook and Information Assurance policies and directives.

MANDEX system engineering personnel have extensive experience in developing all of the Systems Engineering documentation required to support programs at every phase of the Program Life Cycle. MANDEX Systems Engineers have developed and maintained Initial Capability Documents (ICDs), Capability Development Documents (CDDs), Concept of Operations (CONOPs), System Engineering Plans (SEPs), Capability Assessment Reports (CARs), Test and Evaluation Master Plans (TEMPs) and reports for all types of engineering reviews.